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Heart to Home's 5 Tips for Rustic Living

1. Celebrate the Good Life

In a certain classic Seventies television sitcom, Tom and Barbara proved (fictionally, at least) that you don't have to say goodbye to suburbia to live a rustic and traditional lifestyle. So take inspiration from the simple things in life, from the colourful wildlife outside your kitchen to the delicious aroma of a bubbling casserole inside it.

The simple life is the good life - that's our philosophy here are at Heart to Home. And we know you'll share our love of the Good Life range, designed by illustrator Sophie Allport

2. Pour the Tea

A bag in a mug and splash of hot water from the kettle might be acceptable when you're home alone and in a hurry. But when you're with friends and family, give your cup the respect it deserves and always, always serve it from a tea pot.

3. Count Your Chickens

At Heart to Home we help bring a little bit of traditional British country living into any home, no matter how modern or urban. So if you don't have the time or space for your own hen coop, we can help.

We've hidden chicken icons like this one on five pages around the site. Click one and you can save 15% off selected chicken products.

4. Have a Heart

Rustic style means all-natural materials, hand-crafted to look simple, lived-in and well-loved. A heart motif is the most literal reminder of the latter and a mark of what we hope to achieve at Heart to Home.

We created Heart to Home to put a little heart in your home. We travel up and down the United Kingdom looking for lovely textiles, kitchen accessories and tableware, beautifully made by British designers, with originality and skill but most importantly with care and love.

5. Lay the Table

In the modern world, sitting down to the dinner table as a family is the exception not the rule. So on those rare occasions when it happens, make it a bit special. And don't be afraid to be old-fashioned, because family life is about tradition.

So when everyone's gathered together, don't just give them great food. Bring out the best china and the best dining room linens. Table cloths and napkins range from the immaculate to the everyday, but whichever you choose, they'll know you made an effort just for them.